Time for an Adventure
Originally published to DeVries Jewelers website, in association with West Michigan Style Magazine

We arrived at a familiar eatery in downtown Grand Rapids, it was early evening but there was no wait and we found a table immediately. As we sat down, we continued talking about the drive over and how the light rain made for perfect road trip weather. As I glanced at my watch, I commented on how it was earlier than I thought. My timepiece gave me pause. The stark white photoluminescent numbers seemed to jump off the silver face. With a flick of my wrist the automatic winding rotor of the internal Swiss-made movement felt like the heartbeat of Father Time himself. A heartbeat that passionately suggested: do it! I looked up, across the table, and with few words exchanged we hatched a new plan.

“With the time zone switch,” I stated, “we’d be there in no time. We could eat dinner there.”

This unusual spontaneity engulfed us before a waiter had even visited our table. We got up and rushed out, back to the car. As we flung open the doors, the new car smell wafted out forcing the ear-to-ear smile that the scent of fresh leather automatically paints upon one’s face. Gripping the steering wheel, my eyes became fixated on the four interconnected circles of the logo emblazoned upon its center. My better half interrupted my moment of optical ecstasy when she blurted out, “Can I press “start”? Can I?” I laughed, we were acting like teenagers. The engine roared to life as she depressed the button.


We began our trek. At the first stop light, I glanced, again, at my watch. The precision cut metal minute hand had not even made a half rotation around the face. Less than 30 minutes ago we had parked my A5 with the intentions of enjoying a casual dinner at one of our local haunts. Now we were headed to Chicago – for dinner.We would be back in Grand Rapids to sleep as we both had to work in the morning. I smirked as I realized both these cities I love are built around rivers at their hearts – which, the very meaning of the name Oris is derived from… the sales man had told me its origins were from the Roman word ‘orusz’ meaning watercourse.

The light turned green. My full attention returned to the road as I pushed the petal hard to the floor and merged onto the expressway. This adventure was about to begin.


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Photos by Chris Koens for West Michigan Style Magazine & DeVries Jewelers